Polar Express Dramatic Play

I have just completed our latest dramatic play theme and it is AWESOME! In action pictures to come soon! For now, here is a quick preview of what is included!

We have 12 different role play name tags:


Just a couple of prop labels:


Two different train arrival signs:

The first sign is meant for students who are learning to tell time using a clock the second one is the one we are using. Here is how I set it up:



Here is a closer look at the finished version:


IMG_0233.jpgWe simply un-velcro the number we want and attach it to the minutes box all the while practicing identifying our numbers!

I made 3 different printable tickets. The first ticket is just a simple golden ticket like what would have been seen in the book or movie:


The second ticket can be printed as is or can be made “rip-able”.


Here is how we made our “rip-able” tickets (which were definitely the highlight of the whole dramatic play center)! There is a spot on each ticket to write in the row number and seat number if you want your students to practice organizing the passengers and writing numbers.


The 3rd type of ticket not only is “rip-able” it also has students practice writing their own name as well as the names of their peers. There is a spot to write in the date and boarding time as well.



Last, but not least, is the adorable “Tickets” bunting banner. Flip through the images to see what the banner will look like!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested in purchasing this dramatic play center theme with all the printable name tags, labels, tickets, and banner click here.



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