Thanksgiving Dramatic Play

Get your Thanksgiving dramatic play center started by opening up your very own classroom grocery store and transform your home living center into a place where kiddos can whip up their very own thanksgiving meal. What a great way for students to learn how to serve others! Here’s what you will want to include:


Let’s start off with the available roles your students can play. I have included name tags for the following roles: cashier, chef, grocery shopper, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, baby, and pet.


Next you will want to get all of your supplies set up and labeled so students can independently find and put away everything they need.

Looking to set up a more realistic grocery store? Here are some bigger food labels with prices. However, it would be fun to get your students involved in setting the prices of the food. You can also attach little dot stickers to each individual food item with a listed price so that the cashier can more accurately check out the grocery shoppers!

Next, your students will need some recipes to use in order to make their thanksgiving dinner perfectly. I have included a visual recipe booklet your students can flip through while preparing their very own thanksgiving meal. You can flip through the recipe booklet virtually below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Set the Thanksgiving scene with this cute thanksgiving banner:

Last but not least, I have included a printable thanksgiving placemat so your students can work on setting the table and writing their own or their peer’s names!


You can purchase all of this printable package here!



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