Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play

Fall is in the air and pumpkin time is here!!! Who doesn’t LOVE going to the pumpkin patch! Seriously! Between all of the great food available, hayrides, pony rides, and corn mazes what is there not to like!?! Get your classroom dramatic play center decked out for this fun season with these fun dramatic play center theme! Here are the materials you might need:


There are lots of roles to be played at this center! I have included printable name tags for: cashier, chef, hayride driver, decorating station helper, pumpkin picker, pony trainer, weigh station, patch cleaner, petting zoo helper, corn maze helper, ticket salesman, and customer. Whew! That is a lot!

First, you are going to want to set up a ticket booth where your students can buy tickets to the attractions or be guided to the pumpkin patch. You can get a peak at what the tickets look like below. Simply print, cut, and laminate!

You can also attach these open/closed signs and prices sign at your ticket booth window:

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Once your ticket booth is completed, you can set up your pumpkin patch.

You can buy fake pumpkins from a hobby store, crumpled up orange paper into the shape of a pumpkin, or pumpkin pie pumpkins from your garden like I did! Any way you do it, your students are going to LOVE it! Post the “Pumpkin Patch Sign” near your patch and have a wheel barrow available for extra fun!

slide15You will want to have your weigh station near the pumpkin patch ready with some sort of scale, some pencils, some paper for students to write their weight on, and another cash register for students to purchase their pumpkins.

Next you can set up your very own corn maze!


Use tape on the ground for students (or some action figures if you want to go small scale) to navigate through. If you have the space, you could set up a box maze for students to crawl through!

What pumpkin patch doesn’t have animals to look at or pet? We set up our kiddie pool with a bunch of corn from Fleet and Farm and put some animals in their and pretended it was the petting zoo! You could make your own petting zoo with some sort of baby gate or cardboard gate and some stuffed animals as well!  Have seat set and small table set in  front of your petting zoo for a ticket collector and for “food cups” to feed the animals with.


Pony rides and hayrides are also a part of our local pumpkin patch so I had to include them! Goodwill always has those pretend horses with the sticks you can purchase to be your “ponies”. We used our summer wagon for “hayrides”. Kids can pull their stuffed animals around on their very own hayride! You can also set up a pretend hayride with some bench seating or a couple rows of chairs and a steering wheel. Have students file into the rows and the designated rider pretend to drive them around giving them a tour of the pumpkin patch!


One of our favorite stations was the pumpkin decorating station!

slide32You can print small or large pumpkins, cut them out, laminate them, and stick velcro to them for students to decorate their very own pumpkins. Here are the pumpkins included:

The large pumpkins are split into 4 sheets of paper each! I ended up just making a large pumpkin with flannel and laying a decorating table. Here is everything included to decorate your pumpkins! They come in small and large sizes to accommodate which ever pumpkin style you choose. Simply, print and laminate!


Complete your pumpkin patch with the open and closed sign and a cute bunting banner:

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You can get all of these printable HERE.




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