DIY Pizzas and Toppings

Melissa and Doug make super cute pretend pizzas but they are a little pricey if you are buying multiple pizzas and they only come with so many ingredients! I wanted to make a cheaper version with more toppings so I decided to DIY my own play pizzas!


All you need to make these is a printer, laminating sheets, and some velcro. I buy my velcro in bulk on Amazon because it is super cheap compared to buying it in the store but if you are in a pinch, you can totally run out to Walmart or Target and find some!

If you want to make these pizzas, you can purchase this dramatic play set and just print off the pizzas and ingredients.

I started by printing off my pizza crust, cheese, and sauce. The set comes with both a large and a small pizza but I decided to just start off with the large pizzas. The large pieces are split onto two sheets of paper so the crust will take up 2 papers, the cheese will take up 2 pages, etc.

I printed each one off and cut them out.slide3

I cut each piece into quarter pieces so that we could order whole, half, or quarter pieces. This is a great way to introduce fractions to little ones!


Once you are done cutting the pizzas out, it is time to laminate and add velcro! I started by adding velcro to my crust pizzas and worked my way up to the top of the pizza. I just stuck one piece of velcro on the very back of the crust so that the pizza pieces wouldn’t slide around on the pizza pan. (I got the pizza pans at the dollar store.)

Then I stuck a piece of velcro on top of each piece of crust so we could attach the sauce. Once I stuck the velcro to the crust, I found it easiest to just put my next piece of velcro face down on top of the velcro I just put on and then just line up the sauce and press down but you can do it what ever way works for you (see picture below). Repeat for the sauce layer.


Now it is time for the ingredients! In the dramatic play center printable, I have included 10 different ingredients you can add to your pizzas!

I tried to choose images that were as simple as possible to cut out! Simply print, laminate, cut, and attach a piece of velcro to the back. I chose to stick the loop (or soft side) of the velcro to the back of each piece because I didn’t want all the little pieces stuck to everything around my house but it doesn’t really matter which side of the velcro you use.


Your last step is to attach velcro pieces to the top of you cheese and you are done! These pizzas are super simple, adorable, and SOO MUCH FUN to make! The best part is, you will never run out of pizzas or ingredients because all you have to do is print some more!


If you are interested in making these pizzas or setting up your dramatic play center as a pizza parlor, check out the Pizza Dramatic Play!

It comes with two super cute menu choices:

It also comes with cute employee name tags:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An adorable open/close sign:

And two different signs to attach to your pizza delivery vehicle/cart:

It also includes prop labels:


This dramatic play center is a blast for everyone and is a great way to naturally add mathematics into authentic dramatic play! Click here to purchase!



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