DIY Pancakes and Waffles Dramatic Play

I am honestly not sure who gets more excited about a new pretend scenario, me or my kiddos. I saw the cute Melissa and Doug Pancake and Waffle sets at target and I knew I wanted to do something similar (without breaking the bank to buy more than one set). So I made a printable pancake and waffle set complete with velcro toppings! I love that we have a greater variety of toppings and I can print as many as I would like for super cheap!


Welcome friends to the Flip and Serve Pancake and Waffle House!


This blog post is going to exclusively about how to set up the pancakes and waffles themselves (and not the dramatic play center–that is coming soon!).

So your first step is going to be to print and laminate all the pieces. The set comes with pancakes, waffles, syrup, butter, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, blue berries, and chocolate syrup.  You can cut the pieces and then laminate them or just laminate them and cut them. I am sure it looks nicer if you cut them before laminating…but seriously, who has time for that?

I stuck all the small pieces into little plastic tupperware containers I got from the dollar general while I was cutting them so as not to lose any of the pieces. (Sorry for the bad sun glare on the pictures!)


Now comes the Velcro. I bought my velcro in bulk on amazon for pretty cheap. I got the two rolls of 1,000 which is definitely WAY more than you need here but I use Velcro a lot so it was worth it.

So you are going to flip over each of your ingredient pieces and attach a piece of velcro. I used the loop (not hook) velcro for all the smaller pieces so that I wouldn’t find them sticking to things all over my house, but it doesn’t really matter which type of velcro you use, just be consistent.


Look at this super handsome helper of mine!


You are going to put one piece of velcro onto the middle of the syrup and then one onto the middle of each pancake and waffle. If you want to be super precise about it, you can put the opposite type of velcro (in this case the hook velcro) on top of the velcro you placed on the syrup so that they are stuck together with the sticky side facing up. Then line up where you want the syrup to sit on the pancakes and waffles and then stick the syrup down and press hard to make sure the velcro stuck to the pancake/waffle.


Stick another piece of hook velcro onto the top of the syrup so that your butter sticks to the middle of the syrup. Then place several pieces of hook velcro around the outside of they syrup so that your kiddos can put their various toppings. I did the four corners but you can put them anywhere!



Here is what the finished products will look like! How stinkin’ cute are these! Seriously! I bought a little pan at the goodwill for $.88 and a “waffle iron” for $1.88–it isn’t a real waffle iron (although I have seen them there a million times in the past, they didn’t have them this time when I went), it’s a “cakesicle” maker but they look very similar and this is just pretend play anyways! I cut off the cord to the “waffle iron” to prevent any electrical mishaps and we are in business!


Stirring up some delicious pancakes was a definite must after putting all those pieces of velcro on!


And that’s it! You have super cute pancakes and waffles that are sure to elicit TONS of fun imaginary play for your little ones! I mean, check out how cute these things are!!!


If you are interested in purchasing this printable pancake and waffle set (along with the dramatic play center signs, labels, jobs, banners, etc.) click HERE.


Have fun learning and playing with your little ones today. I’m off to make some REAL pancakes!



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